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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Art is the child of Nature in whom we trace the features of the Mother's face.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Our mission

To extol the virtues of the Greek Goddess, Artemis, through creating, erecting, and maintaining public art, monuments, and works, specifically with the charitable purpose of elevating the status of women, children, minorities, nature, and animals.

Part of our inspiration

Katsina beckons the power and beauty of nature in female form, looks to the sky for her inspiration, and needs no intermediary to express her wisdom, intellect, grace, and gifts. 


Katsina is the Sacred Dancer.

What we do

The Artemis Initiative funds, creates, erects, and maintains public works of art available for the enjoyment of all people free of charge. We believe that public art and representation is of paramount importance to a healthy and functioning society. To see our past and ongoing projects, click below.

Who we are

The Artemis Initiative is run by President Amanda Matthews and the Board of Directors that she leads. Other Board Members include Vice President Debbie Hartnett, Treasurer Roger Chambliss, and Secretary Audrey Matthews-Fields. Click below to find the rest of our members.

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