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Board Members and Officers

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Amanda Matthews

Position: President, Board Member


Amanda Matthews is an American sculptor and designer of public art and the space it inhabits. She is also a writer, public speaker, and the CEO of Prometheus Art, a Design/Build Firm located in Lexington, KY. She earned her Bachelor’s in Studio Art & Philosophy from the University of Louisville and also studied Fine Art and Architecture in Paris, France in 1989. A commitment to women, fairness, civil rights, and community is central to Matthews’ work, which recognizes and honors the plight of women, those who are marginalized, and others still seeking equal rights and representation.  She designs large-scale monuments and installations with emphasis on accessibility for all people, most notably The Girl Puzzle Monument honoring Nellie Bly located on Roosevelt Island, New York City, NY and currently the COVID Memorial for the State of Kentucky. Matthews also serves as the Vice Chair of the Kentucky Oral History Commission. 

Debbie Hartnett 

Position: Vice President, Board Member


Debbie was born in Glasgow, KY and resides in Mt. Washington, KY. She is devoted to changing the education system for children with intellectual/physical challenges. Debbie's passion for this was sparked when her daughter, Annie, was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. Because of Debbie's undying dedication, Annie was able to be educated in a fully inclusive environment, which laid the path forward to an enriched adult life. Debbie is a consultant for KYSPIN (Kentucky Special Parent Involvment Network) and the KY Deafblind Project. She spoke in 2007 to the Legislature in Frankfort, KY about the need to update the Adult Services Regulations for persons with disabilities. Because of this interaction, she was asked to participate in the development of regulations of the Waiver Programs in the state of KY. Debbie is a committee member of the HRC-BIC (Human Rights Committee-Behavior Intervention Committee), and would be proud to leave behind a legacy of bringing acceptance, equality, and empowerment to persons with special needs. 

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Roger Chambliss

Position: Treasurer, Board Member


Roger is the owner of R. Chambliss Design, located in Lexington, KY, and is a professional jeweler and hand engraver. He is Japanese American.  His mother was made to live in an internment camp for years as a teenager in the US, which has helped shape Roger's understanding of minority voices throughout modern history.  Roger's art work has been presented to or commissioned by such notables as Johnny Depp, Hunter S. Thompson, Ralph Steadman, and Kurt Vonnegut.  Additionally, the Headley-Whitney Museum has a piece of his silver in their permanent Kentucky silver smiths collection. He wishes to pass on the creative meditative experience of producing beautiful items of the spirit through teaching. He apprenticed at Mithril Ltd, and learned all aspects of the bench jewelers trade.  During this time he came to admire the beauty of hand engraving. Roger enrolled at Bowman Technical School in Lancaster, PA and graduated in 1988 from their hand engraving program. He worked for several jewelry stores, while also teaching himself the art of the silver smith. In 2001, he started R. Chambliss Design. 

Heather Hedgepeth

Position: Board Member


Heather began her involvement in the arts as the General Manger of a Woman-Owned metal fabrication and manufacturing plant, Techne Engineering, that helped design and build some of the support structures for Amanda Matthews' large scale artwork. After thirteen years in the manufacturing industry, Heather decided to change fields and become a nurse practitioner specializing in infectious diseases. She has a love of education and has earned a Bachelor’s of Art in Humanities with a concentration in Ancient Cultures, a Master’s in Business, an Associates of Nursing, a Bachelor’s of Nursing, and has most recently received another Master's degree to become a nurse practitioner. In her spare time she enjoys supporting the arts, is an advocate for animal rights and an avid supporter of animal rescue organizations. 

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Natalie Fields

Position: Board Member


Natalie is a recent graduate of the University of Kentucky with a degree in Civil Engineering. She is the part-time executive assistant for Prometheus Art Foundry, LLC and is a full-time manager at Old School Coffee. She is an avid supporter of equal rights, gender equality, and animal rights. 

Audrey Matthews-Fields

Position: Secretary, Website Developer


Audrey is currently earning degrees from the University of Kentucky in Gender and Women's Studies and Political Science with a minor in French and Francophone Studies. They recently interned for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) in Washington, DC and the Drug Policy Alliance based in New York. She organized and moderated for the Kentucky Town Hall on Gun Violence in May of 2019 to offer Kentuckians an opportunity to engage about the gun violence epidemic with political figures and social advocacy groups. Audrey studied visual art for nine years in a magnet program, and still creates frequently despite not continuing academic art studies. They plan to attend graduate school and hope to continue working in social policy in the future.


Brenda Matthews 

Position: Board Member


Brenda has been married to James A. Matthews III for over 50 years and currently resides in Mount Washington, Kentucky. She is a mother of four, a grandmother of nine, and a great-grandmother of two. Brenda is a retired realtor and a semi-retired independent builder and developer.  She is an avid antiques collector and former antiques dealer. She grew up in an era where gender inequality was quite evident, and is serious about seeing progress toward gender equality during her lifetime for her five granddaughters and three daughters. 

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