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Part of Our Inspiration

Katsina is the name for wooden doll, carved by the Hopi Indians, and given to girls beginning in infancy and on dance day ceremonies to help them learn about their responsibilities as women in the community. In the Hopi tradition, Katsina means "messenger between humans and the spirit world."

Katsina beckons the power and beauty of nature in female form, looks to the sky for her inspiration, and needs no intermediary to express her wisdom, intellect, grace, and gifts. 


Katsina is the Sacred Dancer.


She hears and understands the music of the Universe and dances in rhythm with the elements, while moving throughout time and existence. She moves with reason and enlightenment. She dances to the songs of all ancient religions while knowing that she and the stars and the trees are all sculpted from the same source and contain the same life. 

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Charitable Purpose

The charitable purpose of The Artemis Initiative, Inc. is to extol the virtues of the Greek Goddess, Artemis, through creating, erecting, and maintaining public art, monuments, and works, specifically with the charitable purpose of elevating the status of women, children, minorities, nature, and animals.


Artemis was known for "illuminating the darkness".

Her virtues include:

  • Defending human and civil rights

  • Protecting the vulnerable

  • Defending the powerless and underrepresented 

  • Fostering education and health

  • Eliminating prejudice and discrimination

The Artemis Initiative supports these positive virtues by creating, erecting, and maintaining public works of art available for the enjoyment of all people free of charge. 

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